Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet, growing as large as 24 inches every day. Needing very little water to do so and absolutely zero chemicals. It is 100% biodegradable when used alone. It is one of the most popular materials that make up our products.


Sugarcane, also called Pulp or Bagasse, comes from the natural residue of the Sugarcane harvest. Previously this material was considered useless and destroyed, but now there are many good uses for it, and it is 100% biodegradable and compostable when used alone.


Our wood products come from wood from specially curated forests located all over the world. Whether it is birch, poplar or pinewood, our extensive line of wood products will add a smooth and sophisticated touch to your tableware presentation.

Recycled & Recyclable Plastic

Polyethylene terephthalate, or PET is a recycled plastic made from fossil fuels like natural gas that are used to make transparent products. PET continues to be recyclable, ensuring that the material is sustainable and leaves the smallest possible footprint on the environment.


Our collection of metal products is perfect for any eco-conscious event and is guaranteed to complement your gastronomic creations. Each item is entirely reusable, ensuring you can continue to impress your guests long after your initial purchase.


Without cutting down a tree, producers collect the sheaths of a palm tree, which naturally dry, fall, and regenerate all on their own. Those sheathes are cleaned in fresh spring water, and become elegant and eco-friendly bowls and plates.

Cardboard & Paper

Our Cardboard and Paper products are natural and recyclable, and are an affordable Green alternative to plastic.

Tritan Glassware

Our collection of Tritan glassware is perfect for any formal occasion. Carefully crafted to look and feel like real glass, our Tritan glassware collection will have you second-guessing if it really is a glassware alternative. However, its robust, shatterproof construction will be the ultimate giveaway.


Our enamel collection is the perfect blend of beauty and sophistication. With it’s delicate detailing, our enamel collection is bound to captivate your guests – no matter what the occasion.


In our commitment to eco-friendliness and ethical sourcing, we’re committed to using eco-friendly materials such as kraft brown cardboard. Our Grab & Go boxes made from Kraft materials are a particular favourite amongst chefs and caterers due to their greaseproof, leakproof, and microwavable qualities.


Klover’s porcelain products add the height of class and sophistication to any fine dining or catering event. Finely crafted to add intricate detail to any table setting, our porcelain products are guaranteed to elevate your culinary creations to the next level.


For weddings, catering events, or upscale soirees, our glass collection, carefully fashioned from top-quality materials, offers both elegance and reusability.