Why Klover Will Always Be Eco-Friendly

Did you know that humans are the only species destroying their habitat through their lifestyle habits?

While this is sad, we can’t claim to be shocked. Humans have harmed the environment since the dawn of our existence. With increasing overpopulation, pollution, and burning of fossil fuels, it’s no surprise that the planet is in a worse state than ever.

What Can We Do?

You can take action and fight for the planet in lots of small ways that will barely affect you but will make a massive difference in the long term. If you do one of these simple tasks this week, you’d be helping keep our land green and our seas blue. We think that’s pretty amazing, don’t you?

  • Walk places instead of taking the car
  • Protect your green spaces by picking up your litter
  • Buy thrift clothing
  • Plant a tree
  • Klover’s Promise

    Here at Klover Sales, we’re proud to have delivered beautiful, unique, and eco-friendly food service items for restaurants, caterers, chefs, and consumers across Canada for 15 years. Wherever we can, we promise to ensure our products are sustainable and eco-friendly so you can present your gastronomic creations guilt-free!

    Thank You

    The world is such a beautiful place. Thank you for doing your part to keep it that way by shopping with Klover and choosing the sustainable option.