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About Us

Klover Sales has been providing attractive, elegant, and unique alternatives to disposable tableware to Canadian chefs since 2007. Our goal has always been simple: provide easy access to great products so we can help chefs enhance the appeal of their delicious food by making it look as fabulous as it tastes. 

We pride ourselves on the variety of products we offer. Whether it’s disposable cutlery, eco-friendly plates and bowls, or bamboo skewers, we have it all! We continuously add new products to our stock throughout the year, and we always have a variety of products that are microwavable, grease-resistant, and leak-proof. 

As the Canadian distributor for the French company FirstPack’s US division, Packnwood, we are a leading supplier of eco-friendly products for the country’s top chefs, restaurants, and caterers.

We value our chefs and that's why we continue to provide innovative ways to present your culinary masterpieces - today, tomorrow, and every day in the future.